Darling Grenadine

Jun 26
Aug 20, 2019

A boldly unique, bittersweet new musical

‍Harry is a commercial jingle composer. He lives in New York City with his dog, Paul. He also moonlights in a piano bar, owned by his brother, Paul (not to be confused with Paul, the dog!). Successful, funny and wildly charismatic, Harry has a knack for making those around him see the world through a magical lens of color and joy. After spotting Louise in the chorus of a Broadway musical, Harry quickly falls for her and charms his way into her heart. While life seems like a dream for the three of them, the colorful lens that surrounds Harry slowly begins to dissolve into a reality that is far from magical. Together, the trio confronts new truths that could tear them apart.

Told with a rich contemporary score, DARLING GRENADINE peels away the layers of musical comedy tropes to explore the friction between romance and reality, joy and heartbreak. With its surprising melding of off-beat, whimsical humor and serious themes of denial and loss, this bittersweet new musical brings us something magical, moving, and boldly unique.

Parental guidance recommended for children 16 and under. Strong language and content. Darling Grenadine runs approximately 2 hours 30 minutes, with one intermission.


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