Jasmine Ejan

www.JasmineEjan.comJasmine opened the 2011 national tour as Tiger Lily in Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan. Favorite credits: Celine Dion's A New Day and singing with her on the "The Tonight Show". Film/TV: "Oprah," "World Music Awards," performing with Elton John. See her fight skills as Ninja in www.WarriorShowdown.com and www.fantasywomenbattles.com. Bollywood Step Dance Troupe ("My Fair Wedding," "Cupcake Wars,""Legion of Extraordinary Dancers"). City Ballet of LA, Las Vegas Contemporary Dance, Channel Islands Ballet Co. Rev Abs DVD, Julianne Hough's dance DVDs, and is Christmas Eve on the national commercial for Avenue Q. B.A. in dance from UC Irvine, M.Ed from UNLV.Creator of Blowpaste and www.CheekyChaCha.com.