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Updated 'Schoolhouse Rock' at Marriott Theatre still charms and teaches

It doesn't matter if nearly a third of the audience for Marriott Theatre Lincolnshire’s “School House Rock” are years away from having to know the Preamble to the US Constitution, as they were at a recent performance. Their parents will enjoy the show.

As Tom, the show's lead character who is about to start his first day teaching notes, "School House Rock" was something he enjoyed watching on TV, Saturday mornings when he was young.

Indeed, many of the show's adult viewers will probably recall the songs. Opened March 7 and running through May 4, 2014, the Marriott production has many of the original cartoon series’ favorite tunes including “Just A Bill” and “Conjunction Junction.”

Although based on the 1970s show that taught grammar, math, history and science, the production has updated with such current references as Pluto’s latest status as a dwarf planet and that the person who vetoes or signs a bill is President Obama.

The characters helping Tom (Brian Bohr) are supposed to be ideas and memories in his head that have come to life. They are nicely (remember “Lolly” the adverb song?) performed by Zachary Gray as George), Brandi Wooten as Dori, Rose Le Tran and Shulie, Jackson Evans as Joe and Holly Stauder as Dina.