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The voices are stunning!

Banish all thoughts of Julie Andrews and the classic film The Sound of Music and take in the stage version at Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire.

From top to bottom, from eldest to first-grader Reese Bella, the voices are stunning. Whether standards such as “My Favorite Things” or the lesser-known “How Can Love Survive,” the songs enchant and tell the story of people finding new life in changed circumstances.

Addie Morales creates an engaging Maria, torn between who she thinks she ought to be and who she really is. The children are great performers, with Campbell Krausen as Liesl and Omi Lichtenstein as Brigitta standing out. The former brings great charisma to her scene with Rolf (Emmet Smith), the telegram boy, making “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” palatable to modern sensibilities. Lichtenstein brings the right amount of precociousness that showcases the character’s inciting honesty.

Daniella Dalli, the Mother Abbess, makes the rafters vibrate as she hits and holds some stunning high notes. Heidi Kettenring and Rob Lindley as Elsa and Max provide incisive contrast to Maria’s world outlook and are a delightful pairing.

Collette Pollard’s simple set pieces work well for Marriott’s in-the-round stage and the show’s quick set changes, aided by Anthony Churchill’s projections that surround the audience with mountains. Costume designer Sally Dolembo offers a parade of cleverly done outfits.

Comparisons are odious. Don’t let them keep you from having a truly wonderful experience of this Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, led by director Nick Bowling.