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'The Princess and the Pea' at The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences

The beloved characters from the whimsical fairy tale spring into action for The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences’ first show of the season!

This was the first time we have visited The Marriott Theatre and we loved the stage setup with all the seats surrounding the small stage. The play was funny, age-appropriate and engaging. The actors were spot on with their lines and punch lines and garnered laughs from adults and children alike.

The one-hour presentation of THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA was basically a newscast from the castle in the search for the perfect princess for the Prince of Ipslonia. The prince himself was the perfect mix of goofy and goodness. He was able to fool his mother at one point and sneak off and get lost in the forest. His mother, the queen was hilarious and could have cared less if her son was searching for his one true love. She had preselected her future daughter-in-law and was going to do whatever it took to ensure she won.

The preselected future daughter-in-law was my absolute favorite character. She was gorgeous and dim and all sorts of Buffy-ness. She put the perfect spin on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

Once the prince was lost in the forest, he bumped into Ruth, a commoner, who was in search of her own path in life. They quickly discover they are quite alike and Ruth rescues the prince and brings him back to the castle where they run into the court jester. The Court Jester has great timing and delivers his quirky lines with attitude. You will adore him.

In fact, you will adore all the characters of this amazing live play. The Marriott Theatre really knows how to put every second to use. You will fall in love with Ruth and the Prince and be rooting for their true love. You will hope Ruth passes the princesses test and they can live happily ever after.

The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences team created an engaging play for all ages. My 8-year-old daughter loved the fact that Ruth passed the princess test on a stack of mattresses. She was so uncomfortable from a teeny tiny pea hidden somewhere amongst the stack that she was flopping all over the top. My 11-year-old daughter loved Buffy's silliness completely. But she really stated, I loved the entire play.

Directly following the one-hour presentation of THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA, there is a Question & Answer session with the cast. They come right out on the stage and the audience is allowed to ask questions. I have to admit, this is a favorite part of any play that we see. I think it is so important to take our chidren to see the arts. When theatres include the children during these Q&A sessions, it just brings so much more to live theatre.