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'The Princess and the Pea' at Marriott Theatre

Marriott Theatre gives Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Princess and the Pea” a contemporary, delightful makeover.

There is still a prince who is supposed to wed a princess and there still is storm that brings a girl to the castle. But there the similarity ends.

Youngsters will know this tale is different if they watch the queen move in the picture frames hung above the stage before the show starts. She is Queen Evermean (Susan Moniz) who wants her son, the nerdy Prince Wellington (Alex Goodrich), to marry someone pretty and rich. But her son wants to marry for love and common interests.

Today’s generation glued to contestant TV shows will appreciate the simulated princess contest, the tests they are supposed to pass to move on and the final test.

The modern take on the old-fashioned tale plays out perfectly when Wellington meets Ruth (Dara Cameron), a woodsy young lass who likes to read, and she saves him during a thunderstorm in the Royal Woods.

Directed by Scott Weinstein, with music direction by Ryan T. Nelson, “The Princess and the Pea’s” book and lyrics are by Rick Boynton and music by Marc Robin. It also has additional lyrics by Curt Dale Clark and Marc Robin.

The show is geared to young audiences so running time is just an hour followed by a Q and A session with cast and staff.