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'The Emperor's New Clothes' at The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences

I attended the press opening and was so pleased with the performances!

We actually really like the Marriott Theatre very much. The Marriott Theatre is smaller and very interactive. The stage sits in the center with all the seats surrounding the stage and is an ideal setup for a young audience or adults as well.

When I told my daughters we would be attending a play on Saturday morning, I had a bit of fussiness from my youngest, stating that she had already been to plays and didn't need to see anymore. I told her, never in her lifetime would she ever see enough live theater! I truly believe this too. I will say this to anyone that will listen to me and the fact remains that since the arts are disappearing from the public schools, not enough children are exposed to music, theater or arts in general. Therefore, the burden of exposing our children to any and all types of art, lies solely on the parents shoulders. I have no problem taking my children to plays because I know the importance of live theater and live music. Now, once the play was over, I asked my daughter if she enjoyed THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES and she stated with great joy, Yes! That is success and that is why all children need to see live theater! 

THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES was indeed a lively musical. It is amazing to me that these wonderful actors can pack into this one hour production so much. There is a wonderful, poignant message in THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES that comes through clearly. The actors are able to establish a relationship with the audience quickly through witty lines, beautiful costumes and great humor and most especially, beautiful singing! Christine Bunuan is #totesadorbs! and Garrett Lutz is FUN=NY!