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Superb Dance Puts Marriott Theatre’s 'Sweet Charity' in the Spotlight

Sweet Charity is a quirky musical comedy set in 1960s New York City with score by Cy Coleman, lyrics by Dorothy Fields, and book by Neil Simon.

The story follows the exploits of dance hall hostess Charity Hope Valentine as she seeks to get out of the dance hall and find true love. Her desire to find love has led to her being taken advantage of by many men, but ever the optimist Charity never gives up.

Charity describes her work at a Times Square ballroom dancing with men for money a temporary position…a temporary position she’s been in for eight years.

As the title character, Broadway veteran Anne Horak shines like a newly minted silver dollar. Her voice is glorious, her dancing is a delight, and her characterization is perfect.

Joining Horak in the spotlight, Alex Goodrich threatens to steal the show with his scenery chewing neuroses as Charity’s love interest Oscar Lindquist.

Terry Hamilton as Herman, the boss man of the dance hall Charity works for, provides one of the best numbers of the show with "I Love to Cry at Weddings."  The other great standout number is "Big Spender" by the dance hall girls. There are no bad numbers in the show.

Also stand outs in a field of fine performances are Adam Jacobs as movie star Vittorio Vidal and Kenny Ingram as hippy cult leader Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck.

From the ensemble to the leading players, there truly is no weak link in the bunch.

The original 1966 Broadway production was directed and choreographed by legend Bob Fosse. For the Marriott Theatre production director and choreographer Alex Sanchez stays true to the Fosse-style choreography. The dance numbers are truly captivating, and this should be a fine feather in Sanchez’s hat.

Music director Ryan T. Nelson has crafted the orchestra into a fine-tuned machine. The groovy 60s orchestrations by Geoffrey Ko are fun and playful.