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Schoolhouse Rock(ed)

W and I love fun opportunities to see some theater. He really, really enjoys seeing shows. Musicals just make him happy. SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! was one of these musicals. We went to the production at The Marriott Theater for Young Audiences last weekend and I've caught him singing a few of the songs since... songs he didn't know before the show.

We have a Schoolhouse Rock cd, but haven't listened to it a ton. Other than one song, the kids weren't too familiar. And - trust me - he informed everyone sitting around us in his talk-scream voice that he knew a song. It made me wish I had listened to the cd with the kids more because I think he would have been engaged in the show in a difference way.

We have a tendency to just take W places and assume B isn't ready for stuff. We've really been trying to break out of that habit, so I brought him along. He did OK, but I have to admit he was probably a little too young and too tired to enjoy it as much (he fell asleep in the car and woke up cranky). He spent most of the show snuggled in my lap and started to whisper about going home near the end. It's an hour-long production recommended for ages five and up, but I do think some three and four year-olds would totally dig it.

What I like most about the Marriott Theater for Young Audiences are the actors. This is the second show we've seen there and every cast member has been really great. There were even a few actors who were in both productions. They just put on a terrific show. The boys were dragging their feet to leave, so we were heading out by the time the actors were walking out. One of the actors waved at us and for W it might as well have been a major celebrity. It made his day... And he can't wait to go back.

...You should go! It's just a sweet and easy way to introduce your kids to theater and do something special... Especially during this never-ending winter.