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Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Now through May 4 you can introduce your children to the old school cartoon we grew up with eating cereal in front of the TV on Saturday mornings! The Marriott Theater for Young Audiences presents Schoolhouse Rock Live!

Schoolhouse Rock was an Emmy winning cartoon that ran most of it’s course on ABC during the 1970's. Schoolhouse Rock tells the tale of Tom. Tom, a school teacher searching for a creative and unique way to teach his students their studies through fun and music. Through catchy songs such as “Three Is A Magic Number“, “I’m Just a Bill“, “Conjunction Junction“, and “Interplanet Janet” kids are singing along to the tunes while learning!

School House Rock is the brainchild of parent, David McCall, who worked in advertising and noticed his child could remember tons of popular music songs but struggled to learn multiplication tables. He figured out that kids could learn in a fun manner if they could sing what was taught in school. The Marriott Theatre’s production of Schoolhouse Rock Live! is directed by George Keating, one of the original creators of the show, with Lead Artistic Director Aaron Thielen, and Artistic Director Andy Hite. The talented Cast of Schoolhouse Rock Live! Includes: Brian Bohr as “Tom”, Jackson Evans as “Joe”, Zachary Gray as “George”, Holly Stauder as “Dina”, Rose Le Tran as “Shulie”, and Brandi Wooten as “Dori”.

I would recommend the show for school age children go to the show. The cast interacts well the the audience and brings energy to the stage! I noticed kids that understood what an adverb was or knew their multiplication tables were more into the songs, caught on to the songs faster, and were not as antsy as younger kids. While I enjoyed the nostalgia of the show my 3 year old got a lot antsy due to knowing really what most of the songs referred to. There also is no a such thing as a bad seat in the house. The theater is small and intimate, set in a round making every seat a great seat. No matter where you sit in the theater it is easy to feel part of the show.