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School House Rock Live!' at Marriott Lincolnshire

So, imagine it is your first day of school as a new teacher and you know your lesson plan. You know that you are smart but what you don’t know your students and you don’t know if they will like you and you are nervous…very, very nervous! Welcome to the wonderful world of OMG….what do I do now? The imagination awakens with all of the excitement of the voices of everything that you learned throughout the years and now it is time to share the knowledge with the next generation! After all….learning should be fun!

“Conjunction, junction, what’s your function? Hookin’ up words and phrases and clauses”. So “Unpack your Adjectives” and head to School House Rock Live at the Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences in Lincolnshire, IL. This high energy show will have you snapping your fingers and tapping your toes while adding, subtracting, and creating “Interjections”!

I remember School House Rock created by David McCall when I was young. The animated educational children’s programming taught me about grammar, science and history and math. Then in 1996, when I was grown up I remember seeing a musical theatre adaptation called School House Rock Live downtown Chicago at a small theatre somewhere and thought it was so much fun! So you can’t imagine how excited I was to share with my 7 year old daughter “I’m Just a Bill” and “Inter-planet Janet” last Sunday morning!

The characters will take you through many of the favorite songs including the above mentioned and “Three Is a Magic Number” “The Preamble” and “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here”. Learning really should be fun and what better way than through singing and memorization? To hear my 7 year old Ella sing, “We the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility” I mean that does not happen every day. Indubitably one of the finest shows running right now for school age kids to see to take a break from their tablets, or their parent’s iPads and iPhones. To really learn from seeing and hearing and interacting is so important. My Ella and I both agree it is not for really young kids because they wouldn’t really get it. Ages 5 and up would enjoy it most.

The Cast includes: Brian Bohr as TOM, Zachary Gray as GEORGE, Brandi Wooten as DORI, Rose Le Tran as SHULIE, Jackson Evans as JOE and Holly Stauder as DINA. Directed by George Keating, Choreographed by Ericka Mac, Aaron Thielen is Lead Artistic Director. The live offstage 3 piece orchestra is very effective is conducted by Jeremy Ramey and kudos once again to Nancy Missimi for her seamless (no pun intended) costume design.