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'Pinkalicious the Musical' will leave you tickled pink

Calling all Pinkalicious fans! Wear your best pink outfit and have a pink-tastic good time watching Pinkalicous the Musical at Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences from now until August 19.

Fans of the popular Pinkalicious book series by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann will adore this musical retelling of the story of Pinkalicious Pinkterton, a girl infatuated with the color pink. One day her mother bakes cupcakes, and Pinkalicious adds a little pink to it to make it, well, pink-alicous! Absolutely delighted with her yummy pink creations, she finds it hard to resist just one .. or two ... or three, despite her parents’ warnings about eating more cupcakes. She wakes up from her cupcake-filled dreams to find herself covered head to toe in pink. And she couldn’t be more excited! After being diagnosed with pinkititis, Pinkalicious finds out that being pink is not all is cracked up to be.

With live theater, technical difficulties sometimes pops up, which happened to be the case during our show, but the director Amanda Tanguay and the crew worked lightning fast to fix the problem. She addressed the audience right away and explained what was happening. To ensure everyone received the best possible experience, they even started the show from the top. What a wonderful way to turn a mishap into a learning experience! From then on, it was smooth sailing into the whimsical pink world of Pinkalicious Pinkerton. 

With catchy songs, a beautiful set transforming right before your eyes, colorful ever-changing costume, my 3-year-old Pinkalicious fan was hooked from the very beginning. As you would expect, there was plenty of singing and dancing but we didn’t expect the actors to be playing musical instruments, too. Talk about talented! Peter, Pinkalicious’ younger brother, could be found singing the blues while playing the piano and Pinkalicious’ dad could be seen strumming on the guitar. 

While everyone was having a grand ol’ time watching the pink-arrific performance, life lessons were also presented, such as healthy eating habits as well as key hidden messages such as loving yourself and accepting people for who they are.

The verdict: After watching this fun performance, you’ll no doubt be tickled pink. My little Pinkalicious fan gives two pink thumbs up, but be forewarned, you’ll probably be craving pink cupcakes after the show.

Tip: As always, stay back until after the show for a Q&A with the cast. You’re also able to line up right outside the doors for a photo op with a couple of the performers.