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'Pinkalicious the Musical' at The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences

If you have a daughter, you have probably already read the book Pinkalicious and all the related editions from Aqua to Silver, at least a dozen times. On any given day, my youngest daughter will come downstairs dressed head to toe in a single color and declare that today is “purplicious” day or an “aqualicious day.”

If you can have these stories memorized, or if you experience days dedicated to colors, then this is definitely the show for you!

I have yet to see a show at the Marriott Theatre that wasn’t a fun experience or with a great cast. This show is no different. From behind the scenes to onstage, everyone puts on a stellar performance that will make you question if you are downtown in the city or at a suburban resort. In fact, at our show, the mic was not working on lead Pinkalicious and they stopped the show. The director came down to the stage, grabbed a mic, and explained to everyone what was happening onstage. Then the show was started again, from the beginning. The whole audience started applauding when Pink, played by Landree Fleming, started singing. It was a great opportunity for young theatergoers to learn about live theater.

If you are unfamiliar with the Pinkalicious story line, here is a brief synopsis. Pinkalicious is a little girl who loves pink: everything and anything pink. After pouring all the pink dye into cupcakes she made with her mom and then eating too many of them, she turns pink from head to toe. She loves it! Her parents are mortified.

The show has so many great lessons interspersed in it, from healthy eating and moderation to friendship, trust, and loving yourself the way you are. We saw the musical downtown several years ago and this production was every bit as enjoyable!

Personally, I think the actor Wade Elkins as Peter completely steals the show. Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences is a theatre in the round which means seating is located all around the stage with the stage set in the middle. Generally, at these shows, sets are kept minimally enhanced with props and lights. For this show, there is a large grand piano on the stage and Wade (Peter) and Adam LaSalle (Mr. Pinkerton) play and sing at the piano. I am a sucker for a musician that can play an instrument while singing, and all the while staying in character, too? It was fabulous!
“Different than most productions of Pinkalicious, we have drawn inspiration from children’s instruments to enhance the amazing score and script,” says Director Amanda Zimmerman. “With various character journeys taking place and the use of instruments on-stage, this production provides the perfect theatrical experience for the whole family to engage, interact, and learn together.”

What really makes the Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences stand out is how much they do to make event the youngest guests feel like part of the show and stay engaged. Whether it’s Peter saying hi to them or Pink asking the audience to help her find cupcakes, it’s an interactive show that will keep kids laughing and help tame the any squirmy young children as they sit for the performance.

Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences shows are only 45 minutes long, which is the perfect length kids! After the performance ends, the cast comes back on stage and answers questions. It’s great fun and you will learn about how theatre works from costume changes to set movement. After the show, there are usually two characters available for photographs and a brief meet and greet.