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“In the Heights” Takes Marriott Theatre to New Heights

A few years before “Hamilton” swept the world off its feet as a national cultural phenomenon, Lin-Manuel Miranda created and starred in “In the Heights” a celebration of community of the Washington Heights neighborhood in New York City.

Marriott Theatre kicks off its 2024 season with “IN THE HEIGHTS,” this 2008 Tony-award winning Best Musical. As has become Miranda’s trademark, In the Heights is a combination of both rap music and narrative to tell the story. The music and dancing are high energy and follow the a thrilling Latina beat.

IN THE HEIGHTS explores three days in New York’s Washington Heights, a neighborhood on the brink of change, full of hopes, dreams, and pressures with a cast of characters who must deal with life’s many challenges. They are a community and must support each other. The musical runs through March 17, 2024.

Discover Washington Heights where everyone knows everyone – and the sounds of the music are heard all over the streets. It’s about family, community, traditions, and the bonds that connect them.

The show is directed by James Vásquez and choreographed by William Carlos Angulo with Music Direction by Jeff Award Winner Ryan T. Nelson.

IN THE HEIGHTS stars Joseph Morales who plays “Usnavi” who’s torn between staying in the “hood” and moving back to the Dominican Republic. He costars with Paola V. Hernández as “Vanessa” also his love interest, who wants nothing more to get her own apartment. Addie Morales is “Nina” who last starred in “Sound of Music” at the Marriott Theatre – so happy to see her perform again. She has the voice of an angel.

Applause must go to Crissy Guerrero as “Abuela Claudia” who is both an actual grandmother to some and a grandmother to all the kids in the neighborhood. Her words of wisdom and compassion help all of her “children” deal with the crises at hand with kindness and grace.

Truly it’s the women here who rise to the occasion as empowering, strong women who inspire others to go after their dreams. Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel as “Camilla” finally stands up for herself. Lillian Castillo is hysterical as Daniela, the owner of the salon who pulls no punches. She sings, she dances, and her comedic timing is impeccable. She’s a joy to watch anytime she is on stage. No wonder she gets the most laughs. Paola Hernandez is the perfect “Vanessa” who always gets her coffee for free….you’ll soon see why!

Mention must be made of Phillip Wood for his excellent gymnastics as Graffiti Pete.

The artistic team features Scenic Designer Arnel Sancianco, Costume Designer Harri Horsley, Lighting Designer Jesse Klug, Sound Designer Michel Daly, Props Designer Sally Zack, and Conductor Noah Landis.

“In the Heights” is a celebration of life, hope and working to make your dreams a reality. Come discover a new neighborhood you’ll come to love.