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“In the Heights” is Powerful

Marriott Theatre’s high energy production of “In the Heights” brings the audience into Washington Heights with eloquent ease – this is theater in the round as it’s very finest. It’s not an easy task to dress a set from various angles, but Marriot does it flawlessly, with extreme attention to detail throughout the house. I loved this particular scenery, realistic and colorful. A park bench off to one side made me feel as if I was there on a warm summer day, despite the winter temperatures outside. Lights strung high around the entire theater give the perfect illusion of the neighborhood. The costumes are spot on and fun.

The cast is phenomenal, with stirring vocals and stellar acting skills; comic timing is magnificent, the perfect blend of humor and drama. Entrances and exits break the fourth wall with practiced finesse. I can’t say enough good things about the choreography, which is exemplary. The use of flags during a dance number is executed beautifully, with some audience members joining in, waving small hand held versions. Props are brought on and off the stage with perfect precision.

This wonderful theatrical work allows the spirit of the Latin culture to shine through enthusiastically with pride. The theater complex itself is lovely, very classy and comfortable, with ample parking and an attentive staff. “In the Heights” is never powerless – it’s strong and very well done. Don’t miss your chance to visit Washington Heights via Lincolnshire, but do it before the blackout March 17th… For tickets or more information, slide on over to their website at @MarriottTheatre