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In The Heights


In the Heights is a remarkable musical that showcases the beauty, passion, diversity, and struggles in the barrio of the Washington Heights community in New York City. From the book written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Quiara Alegría Hudes, creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's inspirational story of hope, determination, and resilience teaches this Dominican American community to embrace their heritage and cherish their American dreams.

Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical, In The Heights is an electrifying and high-energy performance that will have you jumping out of your seat— Director James Vásquez brings that same upbeat high-performance exuberance with an amazing cast featuring Joseph Morales as Usnavi. Morales, who played in this production's First Broadway National Tour, brought the Hamilton rap-style performance to this musical and performed in Lin-Manuel Miranda's other top musical, Hamilton as Hamilton, was outstanding.

Usnavi, the owner of a small bodega where the community gets its groceries, coffee, and morning essentials to start living the American dream, introduces us to Nina Rosarios, a young Stanford University student who made it out of the barrio  — but when Nina, who hides a secret from her parents that she dropped out of school due to the financial stress of working two jobs, trying to maintain her tuition, causing her not to study. When her parents learn of her decision, they are furious with her for not coming to them and make a life-changing decision regarding their company business to pursue her return to college.    

As the world still frowns on interracial relationships, viewing them as forbidden, the kindling love between Benny and Nina feels natural, allowing the audience to see two people falling in love instead of placing judgment on the ebony and ivory lovers. The barrio is full of unforgettable characters, and we get an introduction to some of its many residents. Abuela Claudia is a matriarchal figure who helped to raise Usnavi. Usnavi's young, lazy cousin, Sonny, helps run the bodega and his love interest, Vanessa. Daniela and Carla run the local salon; Kevin and Camila Rosario run the Cabi company; and Benny, a dispatcher, works for Kevin. The cast featuring Crissy Guerrero, Jordan Arredondo, Paoloa V. Hernandez, Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel, Rudy Martinez, Lillian Castillo, Michelle Lauto, and Andres J. DeLeon, joyous vitality, exceptional singing, and camaraderie on stage was incredible.

Yasir Muhammad, Jordan Arredondo, Cruz Gonzalez-Cadel, and Lillian Castillo provided stand-out performances— and Crissy Guerrero, as Abuela Claudia, reminded us of the memories and love we had for our mami. And Broadway has nothing over the brilliant dancing by Kiana Rodriguez, Wesley J. Barnes, Tommy Rivera-Vega, and Sebastian Trevino. They wowed and dazzled the Marriott audience.

In The Heights also features some memorable songs, Breathe, Carnaval del Barrio, In The Heights, 96,000, and Piragua...

...In The Heights was phenomenal, which is one of the reasons I love going to Marriott Theatre. They continuously provide great musicals, shows, and cast members that thrill audiences time after time.