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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Hilarious 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Flamboyant Fun at Marriott Theatre

Searching out shows with young love, a rich villain, ghosts from the past, and a load of laughs? You have your choice of a plethora of productions. Add in a hoard of flying Elvis Impersonators, a trio of plumed showgirls, a rigged card game, a tristate trek ranging from New York to Nevada to Hawaii, and some of the wittiest wordplay and stellar new songs out there, and you're down to the one and only Honeymoon in Vegas, now playing at the acclaimed Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire.

We adored this new musical, a regional premiere with the original Broadway director, Gary Griffin, on board as well as the original choreographer, Denis Jones, and costume designer, Brian Hemesath. This adaptation of the 1992 movie begins with common cold feet and gets infinitely wackier from there. Honeymoon in Vegas is a hoot and a half. Highly recommended.

When it comes to powerhouse players, this theatre isn't messing around. They've assembled a multi award winning production team and hired major talent off stage and on, for this fabulously funny foray into the kitchy world of Las Vegas. There's not a weak performance in the bunch, but leads Jack (Michael Mahler), Betsy (Samantha Pauly), and Tommy (Sean Allan Krill) are particular standouts.