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'Cinderella... After the Ball' = Fun For All Ages!

I had the opportunity to enjoy Cinderella After the Ball on Saturday March 12th with a colleague. Here are some of my observations:

Very Professional Cast and Stage; Good Story; Excellent Acoustics; and Top Tier Talent.

The premise of this story is that the concept of ‘Happily Ever After’ is questioned. The role of the villain is portrayed by Pinocchio. The story also includes roles for Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. As expected, the show does have a happy ending.

The show started at 10 am to accommodate the children in the audience. I saw dozens of little girls in the audience dressed in their Cinderella costumes… precious doesn’t begin to describe the scene.

What I found most interesting was the Q&A session held by the cast on stage at the end of their performance. The children were standing tall and raising their hands high just to be able to ask their questions.

This is a good story with beautiful costumes, singing, and acting. If you have small children, this show is definitely worth seeing.