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'Cinderella... After the Ball' by Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences

It’s no secret that Little Lake County and myself are huge fans of The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences. They put on top-notch performances, in a great space, at a price that makes theatre accessible to families. Their newest show is a world premiere of 'Cinderella…After the Ball,' written by Eddie Sugarman (the artistic Director of The Theatre of Western Springs).

This is not your typical fairytale, and even the most stone hearted, anti-princess person will walk away with excitement and a new found appreciation for princesses.

The story starts after the ball when the prince finds Cinderella and the shoe fits! That’s the part of the story we all know, but what happens when she gets back to the castle? This show doesn’t skip to the beautiful wedding–it starts right in at the castle with the planning, the preparations, and the work to turn the peasant into a princess. Cinderella, played by Dara Cameron, becomes overwhelmed with all she is expected to do and a king that doesn’t like her. Disenchanted and unsure this is what she wants, she meets up with her friends Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.

From there the story of friendship, girl power, and the quest for finding what truly makes your heart happy begins. They stumble into a servant girl, Becky, who tells them about a rally happening. Things fall apart when the girls’ disguise is blown at the rally and Cinderella ends up kidnapped. The girls work together to save the kingdom from the hands of a wicked Pinocchio who’s determined to prove there is no such thing as a happy ending, but don’t worry, there is!

This fast paced and humorous show was hands down my favorite Marriott Show, ever! Walking out my oldest daughter said “Mommy, I hope they make it into a movie so I can watch Cinderella and then watch this over and over again.” Honestly, if Disney had brains they would buy the rights to this show and fast track it to be their next movie. While they’re at it they should grab these actress, too, because they were outstanding! Samantha Pauly as Sleeping Beauty was fantastic with stunning vocals and perfect comedic timing.