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'Cinderella . . . After The Ball' at The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences

I attended the press opening and was so pleased with the performances!

This was our 2nd visit to The Marriott Theatre and as soon as we walked in, my girls were "oh I love this theater" . The small stage with the seats surrounding the center stage is an ideal setup for a young audience. Cinderella. . . After The Ball was very funny, age-appropriate and super engaging. The actors were great and we even recognized a couple of them! Everyone in the audience was laughing!

The one-hour presentation of Cinderella... After the Ball was basically about Cinderella, Princesses Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty and what happens after the ball with the fairy tale characters being super disenchanted and plain old mad. The three princess join together on a quest to discover real happiness.

Cinderella does not want to marry The Prince in this modern day version of Cinderella and doesn't think Happily Ever After just happens. Her delightful friends attend a rally in the town square in the hopes of finding happiness with the maidservant, Becky. What they soon discover is that Pinocchio is stirring up some trouble. Cinderella gets herself captured and her friends must come to the rescue.

They encounter a rather sly Pinocchio who is trying to take over the kingdom from the King and the Prince. The Prince is just a lovable goofball throughout and in the end is honest with himself and Cinderella. Pinocchio is delightfully evil! Who knew he could be such a little stink pot!

These three princesses and friend show the audience all about hope, bravery and true friendship. The girls ultimately save the day and the castle from the evil dragon. Yes, even Puff the Magic Dragon makes his appearance -- and you will adore him!
If fact, you will adore all the characters in this amazing lively play! The Marriott Theatre really knows how to put every second to use. You will fall in love with Sleeping Beauty and you will be rooting for the girls victory! You will hope Cinderella finds a happily ever after . . . after the ball.

Cinderella... After the Ball follows the story of Princesses Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty as they join Cinderella on her quest for a real happily ever after. Girl power abounds as the friends take matters into their own hands to save the kingdom from the wicked Pinocchio. Beloved classic characters unite in this brand new, contemporary sequel to the treasured tale, reminding audiences of all ages of the true power of hope, friendship and bravery.

Cinderella ... After the Ball stars Dara Cameron as “ Cinderella”, Samantha Pauly as “Sleeping Beauty”, Laura Savage as “Rapunzel ”, Justin Brill as “Pinocchio”, Elizabeth Telford as “Becky”, Rob Rahn as “The King”, Jeff Max as “The Dragon”, Anne Gunn as “Fairy Godmother”, Devin DeSantis as “The Prince”, and Harter Clingman as “Herman”.

Marriott's Theatre for Young Audiences has presented numerous original works as well as classic fairy tales. Through these special one-hour productions, over 2 million children have experienced the joy and magic that is "live" theatre, thereby developing yet another broad spectrum of audience members. To date, The Marriott's Theatre for Young Audiences has presented more than 75 productions to critical (and kids’!) acclaim.

The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences team created an engaging play for all ages. My girls and I so thoroughly enjoyed Cinderella . . . After The Ball at The Marriott Theatre. Both of my girls asked me who Puff the Magic Dragon is -- so I think we all must rally together and ask The Marriott Theatre to consider this as their next play in 2017!

Directly following the one-hour presentation of Cinderella . . . After The Ball, there is a Question & Answer session with the cast. They come right out on the stage and the audience is allowed to ask questions. I have to admit, this is a favorite part of any play that we see. I think it is so important to take our children to see the arts and to be able to interact with the artists. When theatres include the children during these Q&A sessions, it just brings so much more to live theatre and joy to the children in the audience.