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Buzz-eriously! 3 Reasons to See 'Elf' at Marriott Theatre

Reason 1: Yep, That Elf
This musical is indeed based on the hit movie of the same name starring Will Ferrell. While the musical’s story is not a carbon copy, most of your favorite moments from the movie still show up onstage, and now with plenty of fun holiday music added.

Reason 2: So There’s Like A Hundred Of You, Right?
There’s no doubt that this show has a large cast, but they somehow manage to make 25 people look like 2500 people onstage. Most of the actors play multiple, colorful characters, each one more exciting than the last to watch.

Reason 3: Holiday Magic
It sure is a lot easier to create “holiday magic” in a movie when you have a special effects budget, but The Marriott manages just fine without the budget of the big screen. From fantastical Christmas lights, to Santa’s sleigh appearing onstage, there are plenty of magical moments to get you in the holiday mood.