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At Marriott, ‘Singin' in the Rain’ has a glorious feeling


While the Cubs spectacularly reigned Wednesday at the Indians’ Progressive Field, audiences were treated to a spectacular ‘Singin' in the Rain’ production at Marriott Theatre Lincolnshire.

Mobile phones checked Cleveland during intermission while MGM’s 1953 hit musical that starred Gene Kelly was brought back to life in Lincolnshire.

If you recall the movie’s famed poster, it was a trio splashing about in the rain.

At the Marriott, Tammy Mader’s brilliant choreography and Danny Gardner’s fabulous voice and dancing as Don Lockwood make it seem as if you have gone back in time to watch the film up close.

Mary Michael Patterson’s beautiful voice, fine acting and dancing make her Kathy Seldon character played by Debbie Reynolds in the movie, the perfect partner to Gardner’s Lockwood. Richard Riaz Yoder is exactly right as Cosmo Brown, Lockwood’s comedic, tap dancing partner.

Indeed, the trio, backed by a superb cast, dazzles as they move from terrific dance numbers to lovely romantic songs.

You may walk out singing the title song, which BTW ends the show with a fantastic finale of rain, however, this is the musical that brings us “You Stepped Out of a Dream,” “All I Do is Dream of You,” “Make ‘Em Laugh,” “You Are My Lucky Star,” “You Were Meant for Me” and “Good Mornin.’”

The music is by Nacio Herb Brown with lyrics by Arthur Freed. Betty Comden and Adolph Green did the book.

The story line revolves around a famed pair of silent movie stars who have to adapt to talkies when a rival studio comes out in 1927 with “The Jazz Singer,” the first feature film with synchronized sound. Don Lockwood, the male lead, has no problem but film partner Lina Lamont does OK until she opens her mouth. Alexandra Palkovic is a riot as Lamont in the Marriott cast.

Studio executives who have to deal with the changing times are Jason Grimm as R. F. Simpson and Gabriel Ruiz as Roscoe Dexter. They talk Selden into having her voice recorded for the film so Lamont’s adoring public won’t know how awful she really sounds.

Kudos to costume designer Nancy Missimi for the terrific clothes of the 1920s worn by dancers and the red-carpet notables such as Charlie Chaplin and Josephine Baker who have come for a couple of studio premieres.

Directed by William Brown, with music direction by Ryan T. Nelson, Marriott Theatre’s ‘Singing in the Rain’ is way more than an old-time musical. It is glorious entertainment.