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Anything but Rotten – Something wonderful at Marriott Theatre

Not since Urinetown the Musical have I seen an energetic musical theater spoof on theater so strong it had the audience falling out of their seats laughing. If all the world’s a stage for players, this piece demonstrates that all of History provides a backdrop for a great show. Get thee to the theatre and do not miss this smash hit which is certain to sell out quickly.

The beyond clever lyrics by Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick walk the audience through a story set in 1595 England where the ale flowed freely and theatre audiences were a group of harsh critics. The creative interpretation by directors Scott Weinstein and Ryan T. Nelson brings the audience to their feet time and time again. And, the choreography by Alex Sanchez honors and spoofs so many shows and modern moves (we see you Fortnight) that everyone can connect with the moves.

It is really difficult to single out one number because each one seemed to add to the story and hilarity but stand out pieces include Welcome to the Renaissance and A Musical. This cast never lets up on their plethora of performance skills. So much so that you cannot decide who to watch in the vast all cast numbers.

I’ll be returning for a second viewing to watch them all for nuances I did not catch the first time around. KJ Hippensteel and Alex Goodrich lead this merry band as the Bottom brothers, both with bottomless talent. Adam Jacobs as a Will Shakespeare with the power of a rock star is phenomenal. The sweet voice of Rebecca Hurd as Portia rounds out the leads as does the strength and bravado of Cassie Slater as Bea. And another versatile actor to watch is Sawyer Smith who is a chameleon in the ensemble and never disappoints in any scene.

I would be remiss if I did not call attention to the technical team on this show. Everything from the orchestra, lighting, sound, props, set and costumes was top notch. Theresa Ham’s costuming was a mixture of period and modern with a nod to other musicals with a tongue in cheek flair.

This is a show not to be missed. Jaw dropping performance skills, a hilarious set of lyrics and a talented team on stage and behind in support. Anything but Rotten. Something Wonderful should be the subtitle.