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Amen! Young cast lifts spirits with 'Godspell'

"Godspell" is a show that commands a deep reservoir of affection. Mention the title of this show and people are likely to start singing…

"All Good Gifts," Schwartz's gorgeous treatment of an originally Germanic hymn from the 18th century. It is among my favorite theatrical melodies.

Matt Raftery's production is exceptionally well sung (musical direction Ryan T. Nelson), and that may well be enough for die-hard fans of the score to make the trek. I did not regret mine for that reason.

Highlights are: Lillie Cummings' rich, potent version of "Day By Day." Cummings, a huge young talent Brian Bohr, who plays Jesus…is similarly distinguished…he evokes ambivalence and complexity And, to complete the trifecta of musical pleasures, Tom Vendafreddo sounds just great on "All Good Gifts."

  THEY’RE ALL CHARMING In other words, this "Godspell" feels honest, which is the most crucial quality of all.