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A Night in the Sun

What do you get when the ‘Father of Rock and Roll' Sam Phillips of Sun Records and four performers together in a recording studio on a cold winter night? You will get an explosive, electrifying once in a lifetime great jam session soon to be legends with a whole lot of shaking going on.

Inspired by true events, ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ at the Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire is a Rock N Roll masterpiece. It's a non-stop joy ride that as positively phenomenal. It entertains and have you dancing in your seat.

Director James Moye and Jeff Award-winning Musical Director Ryan T. Nelson is a dynamic team that gives its audience an intimate peek inside the studio that helped craft a sound like no other called ‘Rock N Roll.'

Church folks referred to it as the ‘Devil Music’ and parents referred to it as ‘Forbidden Music,' however, Sam Phillips referred to it as music with a different sound and style that included rhythm & blues, “hillbilly" music, boogie and country & western music.

The story took place at Sun Records in Memphis Tennessee on December 4, 1956. A twist of fate takes place when an impromptu jam session happens when Phillips brings together four young men who are otherwise known as being and hillbillies; Johnny Cash (Christopher J. Essex), Jerry Lee Lewis (Nat Zegree), ‘Carl Perkins (Shaun Whitley) and Elvis Presley (Rustin Cole Sailors), who were finding their way in their music careers.

Million Dollar Quartet tells the facts about how secrets, deception, and duplicity can shake a recording studio with nothing but broken promises; however, along the way, are amongst the musicians, with exhilarating music that will hold you captive with thrilling sounds.

Hit songs such as “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Fever,” “Walk the Line,” “Sixteen Tons,” “Who Do You Love?,” “Great Balls of Fire,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” “Hound Dog,” and more.

Narrated by Sam Phillips (David Folsom) who played a significant role in the development of rock and roll tells the story about how it met the soon to be legends seeking a dream to be a recording artist at Sun Records. Phillips took a chance on each of these undiscovered and talented men and developed these future singers into musical superstars. Cash, ‘The Man In Black’ ‘Jerry Lee, ‘The Wild Man' Perkins, ‘The King of Rockabilly’and Elvis ‘The King of Rock and Roll!

Nat Zegree (Jerry Lee Lewis) was a dead ringer for the outlandish singer and pianist with all of his infectious energy. He captivated his spirit and embodied his soul and stole the play with his bizarre singing and playing tactics. The role of Jerry Lee was mastered.

David Folsom (Sam Phillips) drew you in as the recording producer looking for a new sound to develop (Rock n Roll) and how Phillips believed it was all about how the music makes you feel. The cast was rounded out by Essex, Whitley, and Sailors. The combination of their amazing musical talents and singing made for a night of pure enjoyment. Laura Savage (Dyanna) brought a softer side to the recording studio as Elvis Presley friend with her sultry rendition of ‘Fever.’

Let’s Play ‘Highly Recommend’ that you take the trip out to Lincolnshire, IL, to see this incredible jam session that will have you up on your feet ’ and ’ all night long.