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3 Reasons to See 'Anything Goes' from The Marriott Theatre

“Oh Hey, I Know This Song!”

I’m going to start off by giving you fair warning: you will sing along. The people next to you will be singing along. Heck, you will notice the gentleman across from you at Marriott’s signature “in the round” theatre mouthing lyrics to “Friendship!” That is bound to happen with a score written by Cole Porter featuring some of his classics, including “You’re the Top”, “De-Lovely” and the title song. And with this cast singing the score to perfection, it’s easy to see why these songs became American standards.

Their Feet Make Noise!

If you have ever heard or have seen a production of Anything Goes, you know those sailors are gonna tap dance. And director/choreographer Marc Robin’s choreography does not disappoint! Especially in the end of Act One with the title number which elicited some standing ovations on opening night! There are also some beautiful partner dances that seem plucked straight out of a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire film. Its classic musical theatre at it’s best!

This Cast is the Top!

It will be hard to find a show where every member of a cast gets a chance to truly shine as much as Anything Goes. From the leads to the ensemble, this cast is stacked with talent! Keep your eye on everybody on stage because, chances are, you’ll catch a funny moment that will have you laughing. It seems this cast is having a blast and you will be so happy to be invited to their party!

So do yourself a favor, book a ticket, get on board and say “Bon Voyage” for a couple of hours and see Anything Goes!