Season delayed until Summer 2021

Like our entire industry we put our season on hold in mid-March with the hope of coming right back after a short intermission.

Dear Marriott Theatre Subscribers,

You don’t need me to tell you we are living in strange and confusing times. Over 45 years and through all kinds of crises, war, floods, and recession, the Marriott Theatre has continued to produce world-class entertainment when we need it most.

Unfortunately, the current pandemic has stopped us in our tracks. Even though we remain closed, as the months have gone by we have continued to assess how to pick back up where we left off, and fill our theatre with music and laughter once again.

While nothing is certain, and with only what we know as of today, we have decided that the best course of action is to delay the resumption of our season until summer of 2021.

There is simply nothing more important than the health and safety of our audiences, actors, musicians and staff. This extended break will give us a greater chance of returning with the quality and caliber of musical theatre that you expect from us, but only if you stick with us.

Unlike most theatres, we rely 100% on ticket sales. For 45 years the loyalty of our subscribers has kept us working. If we are to reopen in the spring of 2021, we need the support of our subscribers to get there. The money you paid for the 4 remaining shows in 2020 will now be applied to those same 4 shows in 2021. You don’t need to do anything. Your subscription money is safe in an escrow account, awaiting our reopening in spring of 2021.

Over 1,000 people depend on the theatre for their livelihood each year, including hundreds of actors and musicians, and every one is dependent on our subscribers being there when we return. More than twelve million patrons have come through our doors over the years and walked out with countless incredible memories.

When we dimmed the lights this past March, we were ready to go with our thrilling production of Kiss Me, Kate. The set is installed, the costumes are built, the lights are hung, and even Alene Robertson is set to make a hysterical return to the Marriott stage!

This is your Marriott Theatre. Please help us through this challenging moment and ensure that the Marriott Theatre continues as the longest running musical theatre in Chicagoland. Your investment is safe, and new show dates will be communicated as soon as it is economically feasible to return to work. Your same seats are guaranteed!


Terry James

Executive Producer