Costume Design Assistant

Marriott Theater seeks highly skilled Costume Design Assistant. This is a part time position averaging 20 hours a week. Position will be filled and start in February, 2023.

Marriott Theatre is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusivity for its staff, creative teams, casts, musicians, crew members and audiences, and is committed to achieving a diverse workforce and discrimination-free environment. We welcome the uniqueness that any candidate can bring to our organization in terms of education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran's status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs. We welcome candidates that help us build and maintain an anti-racist and anti-opression environment, and who help prioritize joy in the production process. Applicants of diverse, underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

To apply, please email your resume to Meg.Love 

Marriott Theater seeks highly skilled Costume Design Assistant. This is a part time position averaging 20 hours a week. Position will be filled and start in February, 2023. 


• Assistant will perform all duties assigned by the Costume Designer(s) and Costume Shop Manager. These duties may include, but are not limited to: 

• Maintaining an understanding of the script and any corresponding costume needs 

• Maintaining communication with Designer(s) and Shop Manager to obtain a strong sense of aesthetic, goals, priorities, budget, schedule, etc. 

• Creating and updating piece lists and costume plot 

• Coordinating actor measurements 

• Labeling and organizing costume and shoe racks 

• Swatching and sourcing fabrics, trims, embellishments, etc. 

• Pulling and organizing items from Marriott's costume stock 

• Sourcing and shopping garments, shoes, accessories, etc. both online and in-store 

• Tracking of all purchased, rented, and returned items and their corresponding receipts 

• Organizing and executing the return of rejected items back to stock and various retailers 

• Setting up, attending, and breaking down fittings as needed 

• Attending tech as needed, taking notes and communicating production needs with the costume shop and wardrobe 

• Pulling, organizing, and fitting understudy costumes 

• Some minor alterations and labeling of costumes 

Preferred experience

• Ideal candidate has a degree in technical theater/costume design and 2+ years professional costume experience or equivalent. 

• Ideal candidate must have strong communication skills specifically when working with design staff, actors, Costume Shop Manager, Costume Shop Staff, and other production personnel. 

• Must possess strong time management skills and self motivation to balance a varied workload. Ability to take direction and execute tasks in a timely manner. 

• Must be able to provide documentation of full vaccination of a US-government approved COVID19 vaccine regimen for COVID19, at the time of hire.


• Arrive in a punctual manner. 

• Complete tasks and duties by each deadline. 

• If a deadline cannot be met, communicate to the Costume Shop Manager, and other appropriate personnel as early as possible. 

• Maintain a positive working environment while communicating and working alongside other Costume Shop Staff, Designers, Artistic and Production Teams, and Hotel Staff 

• Uphold organizational values and play a leadership role in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. This includes participating in organizational anti-racism work and committing to implement these practices into daily business life. 

• Perform assigned and inherent tasks and duties in a positive manner 

Communication flow

Position reports to the Costume Shop Manager in conjunction with the costume designer.


$20-$22/hr commensurate with experience.