Young Performers for Sound of Music

We are looking for Young Performers to audition for the Von Trapp children in Sound of Music. Please note that there are in-person callbacks at the Marriott Theatre properties in Lincolnshire on Saturday, January 8th 10am-6pm , so when emailing us, note if you’re not available during that time. Please read through ALL the information below. We know it’s a lot to absorb but most of your questions will be answered below. If you have additional questions, please email Sana Selemon at or call at 847-465-1326.

If called back or offered a role, they must provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 in advance before being seen. This will include parents or guardians escorting them to callbacks.

Sound of Music Audition Information

SELF TAPE DUE DATE: By Monday, January 3rd, 2022 by 10am

SEND TO: as an unlisted YouTube link or Vimeo video (PLEASE no Google Drive link or Dropbox video. Videos take some time to upload so please plan accordingly.)


 Scene: Young Performer and Maria Scene 

Song: “Do-Re-Mi”

  • There are two tracks in the folder, one for practicing with the music and one for your actual recorded performance
  • Please try to be memorized with the lyrics so you’re not holding the music in your hands



PLEASE NOTE: We are also looking for understudies or outside covers for ALL roles listed below. Please let us know if you do not want to be considered for an understudy or outside cover.

Friedrich von Trapp (age 14, Austrian) 
Tough exterior. With his father rarely at home, Friedrich has tried to step into the role of father to the other children. 

Louisa von Trapp (age 13, Austrian) 
She has a rebellious nature and she’s the trickster. She may very well be the reason that many governesses have left.

Kurt von Trapp (age 10, Austrian, falsetto)
 Gentle and mischievous, Kurt is full of questions and is trying to be older than he is.  He is not afraid to dance with Maria at the party.  

Brigitta von Trapp (age 9, Austrian) 
Smart, and studious, Brigitta is someone who sees through to the truth of people and she speaks it.  

Marta von Trapp (age 7, Austrian) 
Very sweet and gentle, Marta is the princess of the family. 

Gretl von Trapp (age 6, Austrian) 
She is too young to be anything but herself. She falls for Maria immediately because she so desperately wants someone to love.  

Note: The role of Liesl von Trapp (and the understudy) has already been cast.


Show Dates

  • First Day of Rehearsal: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022 (Mondays - Saturdays)
  • Previews: Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 - Tuesday, April 19th, 2022
  • Opening: Wednesday, April 20th, 2022 (Wednesday - Sunday with two shows on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Final Week: The Sound of Music is currently on sale through June 5, 2022, with one possible one-week extension.

**Rehearsals are typically 10am to 6pm, six days a week.**

Currently, our rehearsal times are still under review but please know that we’re making every effort to work around school schedules. That being said, do expect that some dates will be non-negotiable and we will expect talent to be available during the day on weekdays. If hired, young performer will need to provide a work permit signed by their school.


Artistic Staff

Director: Nick Bowling

Choreographer: William Carlos Angulo

Musical Director: Ryan T. Nelson

Artistic Director: Aaron Thielen

Associate Artistic Director: Peter Sullivan

Artistic Assistant: Sana Selemon



What to include in the email body?

  • Name of parent or guardian 
  • Headshot and resume of the Young Performer (an example is linked here)
  • Audition video as unlisted YouTube video or Vimeo video (PLEASE no Google Drive link or Dropbox video. Videos take some time to upload so please plan accordingly.)
  • Any conflicts with dates including callbacks
  • Height
  • Roles the Young Performer is interested in
  • Agency Young Performer is represented by (if they are represented)


How to record the audition? (Detailed information below)

  • A great comprehensive video here!
  • There’s no need to use an expensive camera, your phone camera will be perfectly fine. Please record the video horizontally (or sideways) on a stable, flat surface that doesn’t move. Do not have someone holding the camera. If you do not have a camera stand, try stacking some books on a table and prop the phone against the books. The goal is to have the camera at eye level of the Young Performer.
  • Film against a plain background with light so we can see the Young Performer’s face. Do not film in front of a window as the light from the window will make it hard to see the Young Performer. If we cannot clearly see their face, then try to adjust the lighting.
  • Ideally, we would like to see from their waist to the top of their head, like shown in this video here.
  • Regarding noise, try to record in a quiet environment! Place pets outside of the room and turn phones to silent. We want to clearly hear the Young Performer singing and speaking. For the song, the best advice is to have the accompaniment ready to play on another device, hit the record button, and then press play on the accompaniment track.
  • For the scene, only have the Young Performer in the frame (or visible by the camera). Have the reader (the person reading Maria lines) away from the camera so we may hear them saying the lines but Maria’s lines are not louder than the Young Performer’s.
  • Do not look directly into the camera. Instead try looking a little to either side of the camera.

When will I know if I (or my Young Performer) got a callback?

We will notify you if we’re interested in seeing you for a callback by Thursday, January 6th. We will NOT be notifying you if we’re not interested.

What to prepare for callbacks?

If called back, we will send any additional material we’d like the Young Performer to prepare via email by Thursday, January 6th. Anyone under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by an adult. Proof of full vaccination must be provided by the Young Performer AND the adult accompanying them.


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