James and the giant peach auditions

THEATRE FOR young audiences: James and the Giant Peach Auditions

Please read all audition information before submitting!

Click the character name(s) to view all scenes and music.

Video submissions will be due by September 11th at 11:59pm CST. Please submit via our Google Form: https://forms.gle/cXKSasAW2rszFFSw5 

Videos must be received as an unlisted Youtube link or Vimeo link. We are looking for understudies for every role.

If you need an extension, please reach out to Kavin Moore at the email address listed below.

In-person callbacks will be in Lincolnshire, IL during the days of  September 28th - 29th. Please indicate on the form if you are not available during those days. All cast members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to appear at an in-person callback and be cast in the show.  “Fully vaccinated,” as defined by the CDC, is more than 14 calendar days following receipt of a final dose of an FDA or World Health Organization authorized or approved vaccine.

If you have questions, please email Kavin Moore at Kavin.Moore@MarriottTheatre.com 

First day of rehearsal: February 1st, 2024 

First Preview:  February 16th, 2024

Closing: March 30th, 2024

Director/Choreographer: Tommy Rapley (He/Him) 

Asst. Director/Choreographer: Emily Anne Brooks (She/Her)

Musical Director: Ryan T. Nelson (He/Him)

Artistic Director: Peter Marston Sullivan (He/Him) 

Executive Producer: Peter Blair (He/Him)

Associate Artistic Director: Katie Johannigman (She/Her)

Artistic Coordinator: Kavin Moore, CSA (He/They) 

James and the Giant Peach is a story that investigates and celebrates the nature of family and its many forms. By igniting the audience’s imaginations, we will create a world that is playful, magical, dangerous, joyous and full of wondrous possibility. The rehearsal process will be guided by ensemble collaboration, a sense of play, and a desire to create a space in which shared experience can lead us to a feeling of community.

A Note About Casting, Kavin Moore CSA

Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming casting process. We strive to lead with respect, kindness, and generosity. We recognize the oppressive practices of theatre-making and we are working to decolonize these destructive forces that have been barriers to the historically marginalized. In regard to the character descriptions provided, they serve as portrayals of the characters found in the script, developed in collaboration with the creative team. They are not intended to be all-encompassing in determining the performers for these roles, as our aim is to cast inclusively and purposefully. We acknowledge that the majority of characters in the script are traditionally presented as either male or female (using he/him or she/her pronouns). However, we warmly welcome submissions from individuals who identify as gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender, or non-binary for the roles that resonate most with their identity. We will include the race/ethnicity of a role when it is explicitly relevant to the character. We also welcome performers with disabilities to submit. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.

While we are currently not able to provide transposed versions of the audition music, we have found a google plug-in called Transpose on Chrome browsers that will transpose songs simply and without having to purchase anything (https://transpose.video/). If the songs provided don’t showcase you at your best, you can submit another song in the world of the show.

Please reach out to Kavin Moore at Kavin.Moore@MarriottTheatre.com if you have any questions or access needs. 


LADAHLORD (Vocal Range: A#2/Bb2 - A4) — Mysterious. Magical. Mischievous. A showman. Our guide through the story.

JAMES (YP, Vocal Range: G3-G5)— Our hero. Hopeful. Resilient. Brave. Honest. Compassionate. Searching for a family.

*Seeking Youth Performers ages 9 -14

SPIKER (Vocal Range: F#3/Gb3 - E5) —Half of a whole. Self-serving. Greedy. Conniving. Lean and mean. The brain to Sponge’s brawn.

SPONGE (Vocal Range: F#3/Gb3 - E5 )— Half of a whole. Self-serving. Hungry. Thieving. Big and brash. The brawn to Spiker’s brain.

SPIDER (Vocal Range: G3 - E5) — Kind. Warm. Caring. A widow because of Spiker and Sponge. Also plays REPORTER 1

GREEN GRASSHOPPER (Vocal Range: C3 - G4) — Wise. Optimistic. Inspiring. Enamored of Ladybug. Also plays MR. TROTTER and MADAME GUILD PRESIDENT

CENTIPEDE (Vocal Range: C3 - G4) — Contentious. Unfiltered. Dubious. Justifiably resentful of humans. Also plays BUZZ, MATRON NURSE, and PASSING MAN

LADYBUG (Vocal Range: G3 - E5) — Loving. Poised. Considerate. Charmed by Grasshopper. Also plays MRS. TROTTER, PASSING WOMAN, and REPORTER 2.

EARTHWORM (Vocal Range: C2 - A4)— Friendly. Worried. Often afraid. Rises to the occasion. Also plays BOBBY-COP and BITSY BOTANA

*Seeking Latine performers for the role of Earthworm

*All roles require an RP Accent

*All roles are open to all gender expressions and identities


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